Refund Season = Upgrade Season

The bleak night of tax season has given way to the sunrise of refund season. The time frame of it all seems to line up so perfectly with getting your warm-weather-upgrade on.  Here’s two quick tips on how you can make the most out of your tax refund, in preparation for the warm summer sun.

1. Don’t let your dock dictate your free time.

Docks can be such a hassle to raise and lower. Get in the water. Crank. Lift. Get out of the water. Repeat. Struggling to use things you bought for leisure use seems like such a contradiction. If you have a dock that jacks, however, you can do so from the comfort of your favorite chair. Just grab an electric screwdriver and squeeze the trigger. Done! You can find docks that jack at

2. Make the shape of your dock work for you.

Do you ever find yourself cruising by the neighbors and you see their dock has the extra length you could use? Or you see a dock with a nice patio all decked out and you think, “Now ol’ yours truly could use one a them.” But how the heck do you put that together? Its actually much easier than you think. You can check out shapes, styles, and decking materials all with upfront pricing at Our friendly staff are very knowledgeable and ready to help walk you through your options, as well as how to knock out the install in a short time!

3. Find a dock that you can add to later.

Modular docks are the only way to go nowadays. With the changing water depths and  differing seasons, your dock should not have to be stuck in the same shape and size. You should be able to change it at will. If you are on a budget, you can get what you can afford now, and easily add on and customize later, when you’re livin that yacht life. See below for our common shapes and dock packages. Plug and play with Jack Docks.

Jack Types1-01



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