Dock Patios: Way Too Easy

Do you ever feel the need to get away on your get away? You have been at your lake house for three days now and can’t look at another board game, but your dock is too utilitarian for any kind of hang out spot. Never fear: Your new favorite spot to reflect and marvel at creation has been there all along.

If you aren’t aware, you can add another section or two of dock very easily, and make a lil lakeside patio! Why let all that lake go to waste, with no one to sit and wonder at it? And those fish aren’t gonna catch themselves, you know.

All you will need is one extra end rail for every new doc frame that you add to the side of your dock. You can add to the right or left. If you add to a dock with aluminum decking, you’ll need extra rubber tape to keep noises down. Make sure to support your dock with stationary jack supports or pipe supports every 16 linear feet, and those dangling back corners.

If you need even more space, consider our dock wedge. If you want to get closer to your boat lift we have a boat lift step. We are your one stop shop for all docking additions.

See different styles at or call to hear just how simple extra dock frames are to install!

Double PRI brown Al Rutten


24T cedar

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