DIY Dock Maintenance

Decking Stain

Applying a preservative or stain to your dock will keep your dock looking new, as well as help prevent damage and tarnishing due to weather/water. Be sure to choose a product that is water-based and environmentally friendly. If your dock will come in contact with water during the off season, then be sure to apply it long before that. More on protection from water below.


You just gotta seal. Make sure that you seal your dock at least once a year. If your dock is coming into regular contact with water, you will want to remove it and be sure that it is completely dry before sealing. We are talking longevity here. If you want your dock to go the distance, like Rocky v Apollo Creed, you’re going to want to make this part of your yearly routine.

Checking Decking 

Ok so maybe you haven’t been the most diligent at maintenance, and you look down and sure enough…some grey, cracking, or warped boards have made an unwanted appearance. You know that marine putty you use to repair your boat? Well, no need to go out and buy a separate product to fill a hole in your decking platform, you can just use the same stuff! Don’t try to fix it if its beyond repair, however, just take a deep breath and replace it. We are here to help. Any questions about repairability? Heck just snap a picture and give us a shout at and we’ll help you figure it out.

Looking For No Maintenance Boards You Say?

Everyone ultimately craves ‘no maintenance’, not ‘low maintenance’. Something that you can put in place and leave without any sort of work. This would be our premium poly and aluminum decking services. They don’t rot or fade, so they’re the ideal surface for over the water. We back our no maintenance premium decking with great warranties to give our customers peace of mind.

Rust Resistance

Speaking of maintenance. Why not take a gander at those metal pipes. We all learned from dad’s old car that water + metal isn’t a great combo. Treat them with a rust resistant substance and protect them from the red menace. Unless, you know, you like the rustic look. Do your thing.

The Biggie

Maybe the biggest and most common hazard for your docks lifespan is simply this: The decking resting in the water during the off season. Many folks just don’t want to climb in the water after the temperature drops to raise their dock before winter, and so they risk damage with water contact. With Jack Docks ability to be jacked up and down without dipping nary a toe in the frigid depths, our you can jack up your dock in a few minutes without leaving your chair.


Any questions, or to find out how to get out of the ‘labor’ part of ‘manual labor’, check us out at and find out how to let your dock jack itself.

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