Docks: Raising and Lowering

Its kind of amazing to attempt to google how to get a dock up and out of the water. Or, you know, how to get it back in there in the Spring. There are all sorts of forums and websites and videos and suggestions…that all have conflicting information.

The more research you do, the more you come to this conclusion: Its a pain in the butt so people are trying to find a work around. No one wants to do 30 minutes of manual labor, thigh-deep in the off-season frigid lake.

What are the work arounds most people use? Well, unfortunately, the most common seems to be just not doing it. Leaving your dock in the water shortens the lifespan of your decking exponentially. Even if the lake doesn’t freeze, but the temperatures still fluctuate greatly in the winter time where you are, you are looking at a lot of damage to your dock over time.

If you don’t want to risk your dock, and you ALSO don’t wanna get thigh-deep into the icy-below, cranking away at a wrench for a half an hour… maybe check out this video and see how luxurious your life might get with Jack Docks.

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