Getting All Decked Out

Decking choices are much more than aesthetic, though they are that as well. How hot do they get on a 90 degree August day? What’s the lifespan like? What is my guarantee if something goes wrong? Am I slip and fall in front of my new neighbors on the slick surface?

Below you’ll find our decking options and opinions on the benefits of each variety. And everyone knows that there’s never been a more opportune time to get projects done that you’ve been putting off. By the way these are a one-person-install so you can pour yourself a quaran-tini, keep socially distanced, and glam up your deck for the season.


Top Row: Brown Aluminum, Gray Aluminum. Bottom Row: Poly, Cedar.


Aluminum decking has a lifetime warranty. Lifetime! You weren’t hoping to mess with decking two or three more times after your next install, we imagine. You have heard of the grasshopper and the ant right? This is the future planner and preparer’s decking of choice. Aluminum is lightweight, easy to carry, and air cooling technology allows for the aluminum to feel only as warm as the wood it resembles. It has a sanded powder coat for grip, so you won’t be sliding all around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Attractive woodgrain finish with two natural color choices shown above.


Poly decking is great for that built in anti-slip-technology. With through flow holes, the decking allows water and air to pass through unhindered. The surface is studded for slip resistance, and is reinforced with aluminum slats. Cool to the touch on a hot day, and coming in hot with a 7 Year Warranty, you’ll love the reliability and safety of this bad boy.


For being cost effective, it doesn’t seem possible that cedar can look so good, be so hard a wood, and give off those high-class-vibes.  You’ll want to kick off your Birkenstocks and trod barefoot down the length of your beautiful cedar decking. Did we mention that its also insect resistant? Stain it your favorite shade, and then seal for best results.



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