Jack Docks: What are they and why has their popularity skyrocketed?

There was a time, a dark time, when mankind was forced by the sweat of their brow, to raise and lower their dock manually. Every spring, fall, and every whim of the moon to change the tide, we’d have to either haul the entire dock out or in, or raise and lower it to protect our investment… or just get the darn thing back in the water again.

Then Jack looked up from the crowd and cried out, “No longer will I toil, ankle deep in Poseidon’s Pot, when I should be cruising in my crawler, delighting in my dinghy, or piloting my pontoon!” And thus he reached down into he depths of the white sands and pulled out the worlds first Jack Dock. (Note: This history may not be 100% accurate)

What is a Jack Dock?

It is a dock or boat lift type with an adjustable crank to raise and lower your dock with a simple power screwdriver. It takes about two minutes or less to change from minimum to maximum height, and couldn’t be easier to adjust. Let’s put it this way: You can do it while sitting down, now can you say that about your current set up? You don’t need to break your back, get wet, or in any way dread raising and lowering your dock anymore!

Why have they gained so much popularity this year?

Well for one, who doesn’t want an easier life? A jack-able dock takes the “work” out of what should just be your “leisure” time. In essence, this is the reason. It’s amazing to look out at lake front properties across the nation and see the landscape change from the traditional, manual docks, to the ease of a Jack Dock, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Perfectly level, safe, stylish, and reasonably priced, its easy to see why Jack Docks are sweeping taking the country by storm.

To order one for yourself, or even just to see what all the fuss is about, check out:


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