Nurses Week 2020 and $500 Giveaway!

The World Health Organization has dubbed 2020, “The Year of the Nurse”. And who can blame them? Across the globe nurses are working long hours, tirelessly caring for patients infected with COVID-19 and other illnesses. You’ve probably seen the social media images of men and women with mask indentations on tired faces, from working a 12-hour shift inundated with Coronavirus cases. We all have to work to make ends meet, but they are out, putting their health and even lives on the line, to make sure our families are cared for.

A nurse in Italy shared with BBC, how she worked all night until 6am, and wasn’t done yet. She slumped over her computer keyboard for a few minutes of desperately needed rest, before going back to work to selflessly care for the infected.

Another nurse named Kyle shared a photo on social media of him connecting with his son behind glass, since he had become exposed to COVID-19 working a shift. Many nurses and healthcare professionals have had to self quarantine even from their own families, going to lengths that the average person doesn’t have to.

We at Jack Docks have friends in the nursing field and are so grateful to them for their service. In honor of that, we wanted to say thank you, first and foremost. But also to do a promotion for our friends in the fight. On our Facebook right now, if you share our post about nurses, and tell us a story about a nurse friend you know who is a hero to you, you will have entered them into a drawing for $500 off from any product on our website.

Check our Facebook for more details. But at this crucial time we’d love to hear your stories about your friends and family who work so hard to keep us safe. And we want to share that message, as well as give them $500 toward any dock needs. Share your stories with us and don’t forget to say thank you to all you know in the healthcare field this week!

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