Deck Out Your Dock Decking

Is your dock looking bland, board, or blah? Many plain-Jane docks are that way because we don’t even realize the potential style-points that could be accrued with minimal effort. Give yourself the gift of dock-glow-up this summer, with these easy tips.


First things first, give those doggies a rest and kick back this summer. Consider the amount of space you have, and the number of people you will need to seat, then make your decisions from that standpoint (pun intended). You can go with benches that seat multiple people, with options that attach to the top or bottom of your decking, or single chairs that are typically more stylish and comfy. To add a bit of movement, try swinging benches, swivel chairs, or a nice hammock to really bask in it. Don’t forget umbrellas if you like to keep the UV damage to a minimum.


From strung up white Christmas lights, to vintage barn post lamps, you don’t need to go purely utilitarian to see at night. You can also go modern, with underwater LED lights or dock edge lights which run the length of your dock. There are plenty of solar powered options out there too, if you aren’t trying to become a Youtube electrician overnight.


Nothing makes a space feel homey more than a few potted plants. Unless you are working with a lot of shade in your area, you’ll want to look up some ‘full sun’ varietals that really speak to you. Some of our faves are the Monstera, Croton Petra, or the beautiful Stromanthe Triostar. Unless your beach sees a ton of wave action, don’t forget to get out there and water those little guys.

Whatever route you take to glam the place up, don’t forget to take a few minutes and consider the space as a whole. Make a plan, think like an interior designer, and then pick pieces that fill the need and work with your space. It can be complicated, but it is also an art form. Good luck and happy hunting.

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