Dad’s and Docks: A Tale as Old as Time

Hopefully we are all fortunate enough to have memories of summers spent with our old man, learning how to shakily make our way down a dock for the first time. I remember always being excited about the things my dad was excited about, and there wasn’t much more exciting to him than fishing and boating. Seeing his eyes light up as he explained the things he was passionate about – was enough to transfer those passions right down to me.

So now there’s no possible way for me to see a boat shifting gently on the water next to a dock, and not be flooded with memories. Going out to the lake for the first time each year still holds magic for me, as I’m sure it does to everyone reading. If not for the memories of my dad teaching me how to leap from the dock, or drive the boat the first time… it would be fun on the lake, sure. But would it still hold that same magic? Well I personally don’t think so.

That’s why Jack Docks wants to let you give back to your dad this Father’s Day. On our Facebook Page linked below, you’ll find a chance to win a $250 credit to help your dad buy that pipe dock he has always been wanting. Maybe your dad never had a dock, or maybe its in disrepair. Whatever the reason, we want to help you say thank you to the man who most influenced you.

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