Bugs: the Bane of Boaters

We say ‘bugs’, but a-course what we mean is mean ol’ mosquitos. Even other bugs probably don’t like those little bad boys, but we’ve got some tips on how you can insulate yourself from them while outdoors. I mean obviously if you have an ‘indoors’ on your boat, then just screen all the windows and doors, but for the rest of us, here’s some advice.


You’ve got to weight the pros and cons of where you anchor down. Shores near marshy, wooded…you know, sorta stagnant areas? They are gonna be brutal. The fishing certainly might be good there, but before you plan your outing, do an exploratory trip to the shore you are dreaming of catching that slippery dinner, and make sure its not going to be a nightmare instead. Before you drag the family out there, refusing to back down because ‘of a couple of bugs’, go to the spot the day before. Shoot for the same time of day, if possible, to produce similar conditions to what you will experience once you’ve brought the in-laws out there.


Permethrin is a spray you put on your clothes, rather than your skin. It covers your pants and shirt with a mosquito-repellant that is synthetic, but is based on natural repellants found in chrysanthemums. You apply it to your clothes and seal them in a plastic bag, then let them dry in the sun. This is one of the best repellants out there that you can just apply and not carry anything around with you! You won’t even have to carry the spray around, just make sure you keep your clothes on, for goodness sakes. Pair these with bug-repellant wrist bands for bonus points.


Too science-fiction-ey for you? But its true! Thermacell and other companies have butane powered insect repellants that are wearable, or set….down-able! The butane powered device heats a small cracker-like refillable which creates a 10 foot radius around itself, protecting you from flying blood suckers. These can be great for docks or boats, depending on what you are shopping for!

If all else fails, just buy this electrified racket and go to town. Just don’t whack your kid in the head and send him sprawling into the lake. But as with all things, with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can beat the bugs this summer!

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