Other Benefits of Floating Docks

We talked about the functionality and uses of Floating Docks two blogs ago. Hopefully by now you understand their purpose, and whether that is the dock design that is best for your property. And since planning and designing is the funnest part of the process (as opposed to say, installing), then let us give you some fun things to think through!

  1. High Level Design Choices.

Since floating docks are modular, and easy to assemble, you can create the design of your choice. You can start with a ramp or go wild with your own design. You can create a classic ‘T’ or ‘L’ shaped patio or come up with something no one’s ever seen before. Since floating docks are so affordable, its easier on the wallet to come up with the exact design you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Easy Assembly

Floating docks are basically Legos for grown-ups. Other than Legos… because I still maintain that those are for grown-ups too. Anyway, place hinges every 16 feet and secure with your own deadman anchors, or use pilings in shallower water. Two 12-inch-tall floats are needed with every 4×8 frame. Keep in mind that each float has a 400lb capacity and you are golden.

3. Affordability

Looking around your lake community, you may have noticed floating docks popping up more and more. One of the main reasons for this is that folks with deep water, or highly fluctuating water levels have begun to see the brilliance of floating docks for those circumstances. But the OTHER reason is cost. Plain and simple. Its no secret that things on the lake get pricey, and when you find a product that is perfect for you as well as being affordable…. well its no wonder the popularity of floating docks is going up.

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